Monday, March 8, 2010

Ring Around the Rosie...

Saturday was a gorgeous day. We didn't do too much - but did have fun in the front yard with some bubbles, some chalk, and some cheerios.
I saved all the chores for Sunday. That was a mistake. Saturday night I got Lucas' stomach bug - spent all day Sunday on the couch while the boys destroyed the house...We survived though and the boys really did try to take care of me. Of course sitting on my stomach was not overly helpful, nor was "patting" me on the back with the hammer, but they did stay somewhat contained for the day. Jess brought us happy meals for lunch - which helped so I didn't have to cook anything. I went to bed early, weak, but recovering, looking forward to a good night of sleep... when Ethan started in. He'd caught it too. So I was up for awhile with that poor guy - and home with him today. I am sooooo sick of being sick! I even called up a maid service today and scheduled them to come and deep clean the house tomorrow. We just neeeeed to get healthy!
Ethan seems to be much better- not 100% but then again, neither am I. But hopefully we'll all be going to school tomorrow! On a lighter note, Lucas has learned to jump - doesn't really get his feet of the ground much, but he loves it and so do I. We had so many giggles tonight because of it. That made my day all better (well better anyway.)
Off to bed - trying once again for a good night's sleep. Maybe I should just expect a bad night so I can be pleasantly suprised when it's good.... A new perspective?
I'm not sure my brain is workng anymore.

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