Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunny With a Side of Wind

I don't know what got into me. The quest to be supermom? The desire to make Ethan stop fussing that Grammy doesn't get here until tomorrow (which we are SUPER excited about!). Or was it just the sun baked my brain? We did SO much today. I don't know what I was thinking.
We started the day at Zumba at the gym. Lucas was an angel - just walked himself right in and didn't even blink when I left. I had a great workout, and the boys were quietly coloring when I picked them up. Lucas looked so grown up I almost cried. (Did I mention he is now without pacifier! I just tried it last night because I couldn't find one and it went great, so bye-bye it is!)
After that we went to a new indoor inflatable playground place and the boys and I had a ball. We did gladiator wrestling, bouncy houses, little tykes cars, basketball, slides, and an obstacle course. They were giggling up a storm.
And then, the crazy that I was, we walked the block to the pizza place. Delicious pizza and salad bar - but got us home just in time for naps. The meltdowns were beginning. (Mine too)
Good naps and then we were off to the park with Jess and Liam. Liam is now walking - it was so fun to see him toddle around getting dirty - my kind of guy! And that toothy smile!
It was sooo good to see him and catch up with Jess. They left for naptime and a neighborhood teenager came by and helped Ethan fly her kite. She played with the boys for a full hour and had them wrapped around her finger. I chatted with her mom and just watched the boys having so much fun.
We finally came home and I finished dinner that was cooking in the crockpot (see - SuperMom it is!). After we ate, we ran to WalMart to get strawberries, cool whip, and graham crackers for my favorite dessert (well, favorite healthy dessert, let's be honest) and movies.
I tell you what, I'm exhausted, a little bit sunburnt, and thoroughly content. The house is a disaster, the boys went to bed pretty late, and I can't remember if I fed the dogs, but hey - it was a long day!
Grammy comes tomorrow for the week! We cannot wait to see her!

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