Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shoulda Known...

Lucas woke up sick today - throwing up everywhere... Not fun. He seems better now, but Ethan is super crabby, so I'm sure it'll be soon from him. It's like a bad joke - once I start feeling in control, here we go!
I did get lots of snuggle time. And I got my certification application in the mail. So at least something got done. We even did some gymnastics in the living room. I'm finding myself much more limber than I was when Ethan used to be in gymnastics. There were lots of giggles and squeals. I like those.
I don't have much to say - except that I'm quite possibly going to bed right now, at 6:30. I can barely keep my eyes open.
3 more months. I can do this. Right?


Anonymous said...

Katie, this is Joanie.
You can absolutely do this for another 3 months! I have faith in you. Remember, just one day (or hour) at a time! Here's a big hug!

Katie said...

Of course you can. If anyone can, it's you. So keep your head up!