Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Boy? A Girl?

My brother and his family find out tomorrow what they are having. I can't decide whether I think it's a boy or a girl. I think part of me thinks it's a girl just because we have two boys. I guess we'll have to wait and see. The baby better be cooperative. Can you imagine not being able to find out. Of course, lots of people don't - that would drive me nuts! I know, I know - it used to be that you couldn't find out....
So, Lucas has been really kind of a fussy eater the last week or so, which we attributed to the ear infection and amoxicillin. I got totally fed up with all the spit-up on Tuesday and checked out his pepcid- a week expired!! So then I felt horribly guilty. Poor guy! I piled the boys into the car (already in their pajamas) and headed off to Walgreens. I do love the drive-thru pharmacy, though it took them an hour to fill the stinkin' prescription. So now, he seems much better. His appetite is still low- probably from the trauma of drinking expired meds the last week.
We figured out what we wanted Santa to get Ethan for Christmas. Turns out it's "the" toy this year. We can't get it anywhere except for twice the price on E-bay. So, if you have any ideas for us, help us out. Sounds like the Bounce-Back Racer is not to be!
My kids are insane. This time of year is always a little crazy, but for whatever reason- this time they are insane. I'll give them credit though- I didn't want to go find worms for our science project so I put it out there as extra credit and a couple of kids dug them up and brought them in. We thought they were all dead, but turns out they just have stage fright. They only move when we're out of the room. Let's just hope no one lets them free- I wouldn't put it past them!

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