Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowy, Blustery Day

Here's a picture of Ethan at the same age Lucas is- I don't think they really look so much alike... It could be the hair. Isn't it funny how Ethan's hair has always been crazy like that! The boy (Ethan) is sick. I went in to pick him up from daycare and he was flat on his belly getting his temp taken in the armpit. It was really high, which freaked me out. After his febrile seizure last year, fevers just terrify me. So I had them give him tylenol and took him home and plunked him into a lukewarm bath- which he hated. It worked anyway and went down to 101. It was down to 100 at bedtime, so I think he's on the mend, I hope anyway. Daycare said he was great all day then went in to the potty and started crying. Poor guy. I'll be curious to see what our night is like.
Luca has decided he needs to eat at night again. Ugh. And I've quit nursing (ow) so that means getting up and getting the bottle ready. And of course, Lucas only likes his bottles a certain temperature. Ethan could have cared less what temp his bottle was. We've done nothing different with Lucas in that regard, but the boy won't take it unless it's perfectly warmed. Silly!
I don't want to go grade papers. I hate grading papers. I'd rather troll on blogs, but no one I read has updated. I guess that means I better stop procrastinating on those stinkin' science tests. Did I mention how rotten my kids were today? They should have known it was not the day to tick me off. They were rotten in the lunchroom. So, I had them write apology letters (complete with future expectations) to four adults that work in the lunch room. I had the 10 worst clean the lunchroom during their computer time. And, to top it off, we went to the lunchroom to practice lunch procedures with our administrator during their recess. I may have overdone it a bit, but it was that kind of day. The snow started blowing and so did my temper. I'll bet they aren't nutso tomorrow though.... we'll see.... Here's hoping for a snow day!

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