Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Lazy Saturday Morning.... Maybe....

A girl, they think.... Yeah for K, K &M - theirs will be a house of estrogen! Poor Kev! I'm excited to get to buy more girl stuff- I do like pink!

We're doing an experiment today. I think Lucas might be sensitive to something in my diet- so we're just giving him formula for the day and seeing if the evening is better- (he has been rotten in the evening lately and refusing to eat). I was going to wean after Christmas anyway, so I'm fine with it either way. I made it over twice as long as with Ethan - so if we look at improvement- I'm doing great! Of course, if we're going to measure like No Child Left Behind, then I'm a flunkie! Oh well.... Just want a happy boy!

We're getting used to the tag-team parenting and getting kind of good at it. Of course, the boys haven't had baths in almost a week and the house is kind of a mess, but there are no disasters! You've got to love this picture of Ethan- I feel like it's a sneak peek of what he'll look like when he's older. My pizza boy!
We've just been thinking about how lucky we are. Just when things are getting tough, God puts something in our way to help us. We have family and friends who care and want to help us through the tough times. We are so grateful! Well, we're off to get ready for the day- not that we're doing anything special... Brian goes to work and Ethan, Lucas, and I will be staying calm and quiet (I hope.... yeah, right....) Here's hoping for a relaxing day! Hey, maybe the boys will even get bathed....

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