Monday, December 22, 2008

First Giggles!

They happened! We went to Jess and Todd's yesterday for some hanging-out time and some dinner. When Brian went to go get ready for work I started swinging Lucas in the air and he was a giggling maniac! It was funny because the first time Ethan giggled was also at their house- just a happy place! And by the way, Jess and Todd, Ethan loved the Mickey movie you got them- he was cracking up at Donald being stuck in the snowman!
On other news- Lucas has pinkeye, so we are forced to give the dreaded drops. They must sting because he screams like a banshee. His ears were clear though and that's the really good news because Ethan's were NEVER clear until he had the tubes put in.
Last night, Brian and I learned that we are not young anymore. We stayed up way too late with a couple of my college buds, Jessica (Schnookie) and Jennie. It was great fun, but they inadvertently got me hooked on facebook. Not sure that will be a healthy obsession for me....
Brian and I are finishing up shopping today while the boys are at daycare. Well, shopping and cleaning... blech...
Brian's parents come tomorrow! There should be a break in this crazy snowfall- we're counting on it! We are so excited! We wish that Brian's sister and hubbie could be here too, but we'll just have to webcam it over to them in Florida.

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