Sunday, December 7, 2008

Choo Choo Santa!

So exciting! Of course, the picture on the website made it look like we were going to an actual town (turned out to be a bunch of wooden store fronts) and that we'd be entertained the whole time by musicians and story tellers (they did come through, just for a little bit) and that we'd be served milk and cookies while we took in the scenery (they were given to us straight from the plastic Albertson's carton as we got off the train in the "North Pole"), but we had a great time anyway. Ethan was entranced by actually riding on a choo-choo and meeting Santa himself. That picture is priceless, but I'll have to have Brian scan it to get it on here. Santa asked Ethan what he wanted for Christmas. Ethan said, "Presents." At least he's not picky!

Ethan ate a whole, huge, sugar cookie covered with thick frosting. This led to him dancing and jumping around the whole way back. We're exhausted! But all in all, it's a memory we won't soon forget!

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