Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree....

We put up the tree today. Haven't gotten to the ornaments, besides the new ones, but the lights are already on it, so it's pretty already! Ethan took all the cereal boxes and put them underneath- like presents. It was so cute, until he started asking for cereal every 30 minutes!
Brian had his first two days home with the boys. It went really well. For some reason, they're great for him when he's alone and rotten for me! Well, not all the time, but today may go down in the history books. It all culminated in Ethan shoving a medicine syringe down Lucas' throat- leading to screaming, screaming, and more screaming. He's fine, but I'm a bit traumatized and of course feeling guilty that I didn't catch him before he did it. He was trying to comfort Lucas- first tried the pacifier and when that wouldn't work, went for the medicine. Sheesh...

We worked through our budget this week and are starting to figure it all out. We have to give up all the little luxuries that we probably once thought were necessities. TV leaves us on the 10th... ugh... And this was the 2nd week our house wasn't cleaned for us- double ugh... It's all exhausting, but I'm just enjoying the boys, even in the craziness. Ethan's at that point where we can carry on real conversations and he is obsessed with all things Christmas. Lucas is changing every day and growing so fast. It gets to me! I feel like I have to really take in every day because whatever he's doing (like shoving his fists in his mouth) will be over before I know it.

School's going well. It's all very high pressure though. I didn't realize how relaxed I had it before. I think it was great that I was surrounded by people that were able to ignore that stress. I have to keep reminding myself of my philosophy- I don't get paid enough to stress! My kids have gotten so much better. I don't think we'll ever have an easy day- they're too high-needs, but we have good days. They're learning a lot and I'm enjoying my job again- all good signs!

Tomorrow we go see Santa at the North Pole. Not only that, we go on a train where they'll be reading Christmas stories and eating cookies! Could it get any better? I can't wait!

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