Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Came!!!!

There were a lot more cookies.... Santa was very hungry....

The loot... and yes, Santa did find a Bounce Back Racer!

We had a great day- a lot of baking and playing, a beautiful church service, and a fabulous evening. At church, Ethan was a pill, but made up for it during the last song where he helped me hold the candle and sang Silent Night at the top of his lungs. Of course, he just repeated what we said, so it was a little off, but that's what they get for having the 2 year olds in the service! It was so cute! We came home and had a great "smorgasbord" dinner (crackers, meat, cheese, etc.) and the boys opened their Christmas jammies.
We also opened up Candy Land and played a round. Ethan quickly figured out he wanted the cards with two blocks and so would dig through the stack to find them. Surprisingly enough, he won. Then, it was off to bed so Santa could come! Isn't Christmas so much fun with little guys!!! I'll sign off tonight with a video of Ethan baking for Christmas - Easy 2 ingredient fudge - just a can of frosting and a bag of chocolate chips - melt in the microwave, mix in whatever you want. Ethan loved the mixing!

Merry Christmas!!!

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The Slegers Family said...

It was a tradition in our family too to get the Christmas jammies...perhaps one that we will continue with our own family.