Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on mommy.... Leave mommy....

This is the new potty routine... He wants me to walk in with him. But then, as soon as he sits, he wants me to leave. It's not like he gives me privacy when I go! So then I trek back out to the living room only to hear "come on mommy- come back!"
This weekend cannot come fast enough. Except for the whole getting report cards done first thing... Ugh! I'm pooped. I hit a wall today around 1:20 and never really came back... I haven't been sleeping well- too much on my mind? I don't know-if there is I can't remember it.
Lucas is getting too big too fast. And he's kind of odd. He really likes it if you cackle or laugh really scarily (is that a word?) at him. That's the only thing that gets a consistent smile. It's kind of creepy. But he's cute- so it works out. He really is... 2+2 does not equal 4! I look at Brian and myself - not horrible looking people, but you know - and then I look at the boys and I don't get it. They are beautiful children! Logic does not apply!
After looking back at past blogs, I realize I have a problem with over-using the exclamation point. Can't seem to stop! So, sorry! Hehehe...

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