Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Fabulous Day!

Got to see baby Ella! What an ordeal my friends had to go through - but she's home and she was so peaceful and beautiful! She is so tiny, about 6 pounds. I don't think I've ever held a baby that small! When I came home, Lucas felt like a dinosaur! She has the longest fingers I've ever seen though- crazy! Her poor little hands are all beat up from the IV's and various sticks they gave her in the NICU. Poor girl! She's a champ though and just gorgeous! (The multicolored sweater is from my momma - a little big still...).

After that, dinner at Jess and Todd's with her mom and sister - good friends and great food!

At school today, we had an assembly for MLK Jr. Day as well as other human rights activists. A parent and I were talking about how awesome it was to see kids of all cultures up together, celebrating MLK Jr. and all that his "dream" stood for. The parent, Don, was moved to tears as these kids were holding hands and reciting poems. It was really a great experience. My kids put on a reader's theater about the Bus Boycott. There was one girl, she got to be Rosa Parks, who got horrible stage fright. I told her to take all that attitude she tries to give me and channel it into her character- It worked! She did great.

Watching Jess go through these last few weeks of pregnancy brings on so many feelings! I'm so remembering the pain, anxiety, frustration... But I'm also missing that movement inside and the excitement of it all! I can't be done yet, can I? Holding little Ella just made me realize that Lucas is already so big! I can't imagine not going back to that lump stage again! I better be holding these babies lots so I don't go crazy! It just all goes so fast and I'm not ready for it to!

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

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