Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, Funday!

Today- a great day! Well, except for Ethan locking himself in the closet with Brian's deodorant. He smeared it all over himself and then told us he smelled too good for a shower... Sheesh!
Church was great- Mark is doing a new series- We don't go to church, we are the church and today was extending it to how he isn't the pastor, we're all pastors. It was really thought provoking and because of the fabulous new cry room off the side of the sanctuary - we were able to watch and hear the whole thing without the anxiety of worrying about Lucas crying! Fun! He does fine in the nursery, but since I only get him all to myself on Saturday and Sunday, I just want to play with him!
After church we went to McD's (the farm, as Ethan calls it) with our friends the Coates. Peyton and Ethan had tons of fun running around and around and I'd consider it Lucas' first date- with little Addie (who is just not so little anymore!)
Later on we went shopping for Brian's new birthday shoes and then over to Jess and Todd's to deliver some of our baby stuff. We were trying to make life easier for them by bringing it there, but had the opposite effect. While we were there Lucas threw up all over Brian, me and the carpet, and Ethan had a very messy accident. Oops. It was comical, but awful at the same time! Good thing they can't take back the whole wanting to have kids thing!
Back to work tomorrow. I think I'm more tired from the weekend than the workweek!

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