Friday, January 30, 2009

I love my boys...

I'm just feeling quietly content tonight. I know, I might not even use exclamation points. That would be a new day.
Liam got to come home today. The boys and I made a sign for his door. Dorky, yes, but made with love! (There goes that exclamation point- i can't help it!) Even Lucas picked up a crayon and, before shoving it in his mouth, drew on the paper- also drooled on the paper.

We had an awards ceremony at school today. I love being in front of a crowd, so I enjoyed it thoroughly. I like bragging about my kids. Especially since some of the ones I had up there were the absolute worst before I came. I'm proud of them, but I'm also proud of me. I've worked hard with them and it's really paying off.
I'm just so happy. Miss Ella Simmonds and Mr. Liam McConnel made it into the world safely (though not without their adventures) and are both snug at home tonight. My boys are snuggled up as well and just the most loving boys a mommy could want. I realize the living room is an absolute disaster and I have about 300 papers to grade and record, but hey, I'm no superwoman! And besides, I have apple pumpkin bread in the oven to take down the street- so maybe I am Superwoman after all!

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