Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Ella Grace!

My good friend's baby was born yesterday - details, go here. We are so excited! Ethan sang happy birthday to Ella all morning long.

Lucas is growing up too fast (and check out the double chin!). It's such a fun time right now. He is absolutely in love with his daddy. It's not really fair, but that's the way Ethan was too. He smiles and giggles at everything Brian does. It could be luck, but it's probably that Brian is a lot of fun with the boys. He invented this sickness "Tickle Fever." Ethan takes your temperature, determines you are sick and diagnoses you with Tickle Fever. The only cure is to be madly tickled. The boys love it.
We're trying Lucas on soy formula this week. The reflux seems to be getting worse, not better, as it should, so we thought we should rule out lactose intolerance like his older brother had. So far, fewer spit ups, but we'll see. You really can't tell unless you get the lactose totally out of their system. I hate having to use the special formula- it costs more - but one cannot be ruled by finances! Now someone just convince Costco to make their own soy formula!

In other news, Ethan has learned the phrase "Can't" (well, it's a word, not a phrase, but when he says it he means the phrase I can't...). I hate it! He doesn't want to try to do anything on his own now, just says "can't." The irony of the situation is that his new favorite show is Bob the Builder. You know, where the phrase is "Yes, I can!" So the day was spent going back and forth between "Yes I CAN" and "Can't!" I give!

Tomorrow is Lucas' dedication - where we stand up in front of the church and publicly declare that we will teach Lucas about God and His love as he grows up. Jess and Todd will be standing with us, as Godparents. I'll hopefully find someone to take pictures for us. A very special day!


benandcorinne said...

Hi katie!
Are you having another baby? There is a widget on your blog with your name...? Good luck with the reflux...all trial and error and frustrating! Love your blog, very fun and informative! Best wishes on your dedication...guess that was earlier today. How did it go? Little boys are such fun!!!!

katieanne said...

No- not my baby- my sister in law and I share the name... maybe i should make that clearer...hehe....