Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome Little Liam!

Little Liam finally arrived at 9:44 this morning! Poor Jess and Todd, they labored all night and didn't get to start pushing until about 7:30 this morning. I was jumping up and down in my classroom when I got the picture. He is adorable! Love that hair! Here's a picture Ethan took - shows the curls!

This afternoon we trekked over to the hospital to see him. Ethan had made this butterfly at daycare and we told him that he should give it to Jess and the baby. He said, "No, it's mines!" (no, mother, not a typo, that's how he says it...) Anyway, we got there and he marched right up to jess and gave it to her. He insisted on seeing Liam right away and so softly petted his head while I held the new guy (he's not used to babies having hair, you see!) He was absolutely entranced by the little man.

Lucas, on the other hand, decided it was high time every one paid attention to him and started spitting at them. He even spit at the lactation consultant when she came in. He's a charmer!

I'm exhausted after not sleeping too well last night- too exciting! Going to bed....

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