Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rockin' It At the Rollerdrome!

Ethan had his first roller-skating experience tonight. It was a riot! First I tried to skate with him, but that was a disaster. I am not strong enough to balance us both! So, I re-shoed and we clonked around... and around.... and around... He'd take a 30 second break between rounds and then "go again mommy!" Luckily, one of my great kiddos from school was there (along with his fabulous mom) and they helped us out a lot. The whole way home Ethan kept saying "Zach's my friend."

Now I'm exhausted. I'm going to sleep oh so well... It's good exercise trying to keep him from crashing (he did once, screaming and crying, but was "all better" in a matter of seconds- falling is not so bad when you're 3 feet tall!) Also, doing the limbo is pretty hard work too! Oh, if you could have seen him!

PS - You know how they say, don't cry over spilt milk. I kind of wish Ethan would! He dumped his milk all over everything tonight, looked at me and said, "It happens, Mommy..." Punk!
PPS - What a fabulous inauguration! I watched with my 5th graders and we were all moved. Of course, watching it on a Live Stream on the internet was kind of a disaster so we had to "rough" it with the radio playing and the pictures coming in and out on the screen. Must have been really special to have 100 kids in the same room transfixed through all of that!