Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tidbits of the Day....

SO TIRED!!! But what's new, really?
Baby Ella got to go home today!!! (That's my friend Michelle's baby girl). Haven't seen her yet, but so very excited! Ethan just lit up when I told him Baby Ella wasn't sick anymore and she was at home.
There's a girl at his daycare that he always talks about - Tessa. He kept telling me Tessa was sick, wasn't there that day... He kept saying it, every day. I finally asked, thinking that there must be something seriously wrong. Nope, she just wasn't going there anymore- for like 3 months! Probably another family affected by the lay-off. I was amazed that Ethan remembered her for so long. He must really miss her. He did tell me he loved her- repeatedly! Now he just talks about Gabby all the time. "Gabby's my friend!"
Lucas has been sleeping HORRIBLY... So tonight, we're letting him fuss it out... I hate to do it, but I think he's starting to manipulate the situation- he just wants to snuggle with Daddy.... Can't blame him!

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