Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wee-Wee and some Puztels....

The poor man at daycare had no idea what Ethan was saying. He was being so polite in holding the door.... But he couldn't help but laugh when Ethan said he wanted "Wee Wee and Putzels" - I knew exactly what he meant- a movie and some pretzels.... It seems Ethan speaks a language not always understood, I like it!
Yesterday we were getting ready for church and I grabbed a romance novel I'm reading for the car. Ethan said, "Your book Mommy?" I said, "Yep, it's about.... love." Then Ethan said, "Oh, Jesus! Book about Jesus. I love Jesus." Well, a great connection - may have made me rethink my book selection....
I really hope tomorrow is a snow day. I missed my boys today. I did manage to stay relaxed though. I told the kids that if they didn't care, I didn't either. I was there to help those who wanted to be ready for middle school. It seemed to work, or they were just too tired to be obnoxious.... Who knows... I love teaching. This class is tough though. I told them I was trying to lose the weight I'd put on having a baby and so not to let me sit in my chair all day. That worked. They didn't let me forget it. They were even polite about it, coming up and whispering to me - Mrs. Sjprague, you're in the chair... And we did wall-sits while we waited for the bus. I'm going to be in pain tomorrow!
Lucas was a fussbudget (love that word Nana) tonight. That tooth has got to be coming... Well, he hadn't napped since 3 either. He and Ethan both need so much sleep! I'm thankful, but it means by the time 6 comes around, we're all exhausted.
So now this blog post is forever long. Oh well- you'll survive.
P.S. Ethan actually helped put Lucas to bed tonight. He basically just followed me around and barked orders, but it was nice. When Lucas started crying, he got all panicked and told me, "Go Shush him Mommy, Go!" Bossy, yes, but loving too!

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