Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Weekend...

We started the weekend with Brian and Ethan playing the Diego video game they checked out at the library and Lucas and I going for a very long walk. As you can see, the walk just wore poor Lucas out. Everyone on the trail oohed and aahed at him. I just grunted a "good morning" between pants and moved along, as I was working really hard trying to keep up my pace pushing that monster stroller :)
We saw lots and lots of baby ducks. Lucas just squealed at them and they didn't even care. I had to almost pick one up to get it to move out of our way. Friendly little buggers.

Then off Brian went to work and we went to the park. Ethan discovered he likes to go really fast on the swing. Lucas liked the swing too, but wouldn't look up for a picture. He just wanted to stare at the bark. We brought some snacks along for a "picnic". Ethan really liked eating in the grass. Lucas really liked eating the grass.

Ethan got a haircut yesterday. The lady just adored him - he sits so still!- and so she made him super cool by gelling him some spikes. His grin was a mile wide. And then this morning, I cut Brian's hair. Only I kind of missed and, well, you can see the block I made way too short....

So then I made it all a lot shorter, so it'd be less noticeable. You can still see it, but you hardly notice it as there's not much hair there anyway.

I, personally, think he looks really good with it this short. And I'm not even just saying that to cover for my "mishap" with the razor. I really like it!
And then Ethan made us a picnic on the kitchen floor. As you can see we were eating pasta (magnets), cookies (shoes), bread (paper), as well as an assortment of other goodies. Delicious!

All was fun until Brian (and Ethan calls him Brian when he's mad at him) hid his "cookies" behind him and said he ate them. No lying at this house! Ethan quickly sent him to Time Out.
"You go Time Out!"
"You stop crying!"
"You say sorry for hurting"
The boy loves power. I just think it's hilarious that he calls him Brian. Brian says "My name is Daddy" and Ethan just rolls his eyes. Sassy?

Off to church and then the Discovery Center. There were lots of great exhibits that we liked, but this was the favorite. Ethan loved going up so high.
He even loved coming down.

Lucas loved this big swirly ball of goo - something about weather- I didn't read it, just spun it and spun it- to his request. (And by request I mean shrieking).

Then the spinner- where you get to send teddy bears on a ride. Lucas was a little worried we'd throw him in I think....

And then off to the pet hospital where we doctored up a kitty, doggie, and a turtle. We listened to their hearts, gave them medicine, bandaged their wounds and then Ethan gave them all a bone.
So, a good weekend! I also got to go out with a couple of friends last night- had fun and ate the most delicious mac and cheese ever (the mini portion of course ) Yum! And we saw a movie being filmed for a local film festival- too cool!
The first few days this week are nuts! Last three kid days - so be praying I survive! And then it's on to summer!

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McConnels said...

did you get a new stroller?
poor brian...