Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 4 - Spring Break 2011

On our fourth day of vacation we got to see our friends Michelle, Benji, and Ella! Michelle is about to have another baby - which fascinated Ethan. He had lots of questions. I tried to answer them. We spent a few minutes at their house where Ella shared her toys. We got to see her new big-girl room as well as the adorable baby nursery!

We headed back to Jabbers for a fun morning! I got to catch up with Michelle (though it certainly was not enough!) and the boys played hard. Benji's sister was there too, with her two kids! Her oldest was born just a few days after Ethan - how are they almost 5!

I saw that Lucas was getting grumpier and grumpier and he had complained about his ear hurting that morning, so we decided to make the traditional stop at the Urgent Care. Yep, ears infected and off to the pharmacy we went.

All medicated, the boys went down for a nap and Jess and I chatted. Pretty soon, it was time to wake them up and say our goodbyes and thank yous to the McConnels for taking such good care of us!

Our next stop was at TCBY to meet a friend I like to call Schnookie.

Only she was running late... so by the time she got there, the boys were sugared up and WIRED. She may never have children now. It was fun to catch up, however briefly, and off we went to Kuna to my friend Beth's house, our next camp. The boys are both within a month or so of each other, so becoming best buds was easy. There was a lot of dress up. Though no dresses, just really cool costumes.
Beth cooked the boys a yummy dinner and they played and played and played.
Going to bed wasn't too bad because they were just plain worn out by that time!

Beth and I talked and laughed and then we were off to rest up for our next big adventure!

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