Sunday, April 10, 2011

I heart weekends.

Mall playdates... Lots of giggles... a few timeouts for wrestling... these three could not keep their hands off each other...

Lucas and I went and got a garden plot at the local community gardens - very cool! One of the gardeners there gave Lucas a carrot she found in one of the extra gardens.

Jillian and Ben's birthdays (friends) meant a trip out to Kingston to their grandparents' house. Fun times on the beach. Lucas had some awesome hair. And yes, that is raw broccolli he's carrying all around.
Ethan had a blast crawling around on the logs- except when he fell through some. But he's tough.
The party was fun - the boys loved having lots of kids to run around with and we all loved the yummy food and good conversation!
We decided to spend the night at my parents. Lots of snuggling and tickle wars. We had a delicious brunch this morning before we headed out.
After naps we headed out to the garden to show Ethan and Brian. It was rainy, so we didn't stay for long. Just long enough to get excited about the projects ahead :)
They did manage to find a couple of worms in the soil as they broke in their new garden tools.
We headed downtown in the drizzles. We've always wanted to go to the USS Turner Joy, but haven't been able to make it before they close due to naptimes...
Today was the day. Lots of steep stairways and climbing made for happy boys. Ethan made sure we saw absolutely everything. He loved all the little "secret" rooms and spaces. Mostly he just liked leading us around.
Fascinating stuff. I cannot imagine living on a big ship like that. It was a neat way to connect with all our Navy family.
Ethan was just not ready to head home yet, as he told us over and over and over and over.... So, we headed out to the Airport Diner to eat. Not too many planes in the sky, but still plenty to see. Lucas had to be reminded to use his quiet voice a lot, but otherwise they were great.
I love Brian because he is just as into our little adventures as I am.

And I love my boys. Even when they can't remember not to shout in excitement over the plane taking off.

Or maybe especially then.

And now you must excuse me for the family dance party. Justin Beaver awaits.

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