Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 8 - Spring Break 2011

Day 8 of spring break brought us out to my parents house for dinner and relaxing with the U's and Nana. We had two things to celebrate.

1) The arrival of Connor McLean. He's doing well, eating and sleeping like a champ! Plus, he's adorable! Maddie and Morgan are proud sisters - though from the pictures I'd say Maddie was more interested in the hospital equipment than the baby!

2)We had to celebrate the life of an amazing person who passed away over break - my cousin Jennie. Growing up she was always one of our favorites to see! She was about 10 years older, but was always willing to play with us and I can distinctly remember her going along with my crazy science experiments that I put on for the family one year. She was always smiling and always positive. Years ago, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, given only months to live. She dug in, lived life to the fullest and fought like hell. She surrounded herself with the people she loved. Through the hard times- there were many - she stayed optimistic and continued to make others smile. Reading her facebook page since she has gone has been such an amazing tribute to who she was. We miss you Jennie!

And so we toasted. To Connor and to Jennie!

To Family.

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Valerie Berg said...

Ah, that toast got my teary eyed...
Thinking of you by bloggy friend.