Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh the Noise....

Yesterday Ethan was kind of obnoxious, getting irritated at everything and anything....

"Ethan, you're kind of a grumposaurus!"

"A what?"

"A grumposaurus."

(Said with eyes rolling) "That is not even a real dinosaur."

Today's been better. Really both boys are having a great week. Lucas has learned to sing his ABC's and to count to 10. Not that he'll do any of it on command. Nor will he do it at anything less than a scream.
And swinging a baseball bat around makes it that much more fun.

In other news, Ethan's a little bummed because his girlfriend has been absent.

"She's got bugs in her hair mom."
Love has so many obstacles in preschool.

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Marlee said...

Haha love DOES have so many obstacles in preschool! Ha I love your writing style! Plus my boyfriend is a baseball coach so I'm assuming someday he'll be giving our kids baseball bats as soon as they can hold them. Great blog!