Sunday, April 17, 2011

Remembering and Playing

Saturday was a bittersweet day. We spent the morning at gymnastics (where Ethan is starting to really be able to figure things out) and then headed out to Tacoma. We were headed to a local pizza place for my cousin Jennie's memorial. It was really a cool place and neat to see so many of her friends and family members together. We didnt' stay too long because I just couldn't hold it together. When I cry it's not so much a graceful, subtle cry, it's more of a noisy, out of control sob. We headed out and decided to stop at the zoo - no better way to honor Jennie than to spend some time in the moment with our family. The boys loved running around, as it wasn't crowded at all and we could let them have a bit more freedom than normal.
These tigers were tiny last time we were there. Now they're so big and crazy!

The polar bear was trying to show off his nostrils to us...

Big eyes!

The obligatory shark jaw pic...

Sunshine! It was gorgeous. Apparently they had already closed by the time we got about half way around and we got kicked out. Luckily we're members so it was no biggie, just headed the rest of the way home. Saturday night I got my groove on with my friend Sonia at Rock N Bowl. We had a blast and laughed till lit hurt. Apparently I am now really really bad at bowling. I would have gotten a smaller ball which might have helped, but there was a party of 8 or so year old girls who hogged them all. Next time I'm going to be more aggressive in getting my 8 lb-er! Today, after church, my parents came over to help trim the hedge.

The boys were super helpful (note the sarcasm) at picking up the scraps. Daddy and Brian were very safety cautious (note the sarcasm)...

And Lucas tried his darndest to make it into the back of the truck.

A quick pre-Easter treat - cards, goldfish, and chocolate bunnies.... and off to naps they were (happily for once! They were exhausted!)
After naps we decorated eggs... Only one major spill - our table is now dyed pink.... Ethan has far more concentration than his brother - taking time to make them really pretty. We spent the evening decorating eggs, playing games on the Wii, skyping with Grammy and Grandpa in Colorado, and just plain being obnoxious.

Something at which Lucas excells. And Ethan also spent a good long time in the mirror after his shower admiring his hair and noting it's similarities to his hero, Justin Beaver. "Oh yeah, Justin Beaver hair, oh yeah!" And thus begins another week.

PS - My baby turns 5 in less than two weeks. I'm not sure I can handle this. Just so you know.

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Valerie Berg said...

I can't believe he'll be 5! Holy Cow! I remember him being 'announced' at Lincoln!