Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 5 - Spring Break 2011

Getting 4 boys under 5 out the door early in the morning should be a difficult task, but not with these boys! They were up and at 'em and ready to go! We were headed to the zoo....

To meet these fabulous people! Katie was in my class last year and is one awesome kid! And her mom volunteered and became one of my favorite people in the world! They were very brave to meet our group at the zoo - we are a handful!

The boys loved seeing all the animals while we chatted about all things important to life! There was lots of laughter and being goofy. Funny kids!
When it became "that time", we headed off to Pizza Hut where Vickie and Katie not only were willing to be seen in public with 4 boys ready for naps, but treated us to lunch as well!
It was soooo great to see them!

After a nap in the car, the boys and I picked up some doughnuts and headed over to another Katie's house. She had two dogs - one very large that Ethan fell in love with! Lucas was not so sure about it.
Katie and her husband just adopted this beeautiful baby girl.
They could not be happier and we could not be happier for them. We caught up while the boys played and watched a movie. So fun to cuddle that bundle of joy!
We headed back to Beth's house and the boys got to see their very cool playhouse in their very cool backyard.
They played hard.
We kept waiting for a big fight, punches to be thrown, the battle to be waged....
Never happened... The boys were too busy playing fun, imagining games, hiding under umbrellas...
And just being goofy.... This pic makes me think Lucas was a little homesick....
Ethan served them all "fish" - and the bark was flying everywhere.
Oh my word the boys had fun together. Beth and I did too. Lots of laughing.

I forgot to mention that the night before Beth's husband watched the boys so that I could go with Beth to her workout class. It was boot camp. That was some serious stuff. Ouch. I am still ouch. I'm impressed Beth! You are one buff chick!

This may have been our busiest day, but also our most relaxed. Awesomeness.

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