Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and Beyond...

"Hey Ethan, what rhymes with cat?"

"Hat, pat, rat..."

"Yep! What rhymes with mutt?"


"No, mutt - like rut, but, cut."

Long pause and bewildered look.

"Ethan? What rhymes with mutt?"

"You said "butt" mom, I can't."

I never managed to post this weekend to say "Happy Easter!!!" We were so busy that I don't think I even sat down for more than a minute. You see, my baby boy turns 5 in just a few days. Snort, sniffle, I'm okay. I'll get through. Back to the fun stuff....

Saturday was a gorgeous day. Even by my standards. The sun was shining and it was even warm enough to not wear socks! That doesn't happen much here... Our church put on an Easterpalooza - crazy fun time! There were inflatables.... at which Ethan tried very hard.

There was an Easter Egg Hunt - super easy for the little guys....

There was much eating of the candy (even the cotton kind~)

And some rad face painting! Our friends, the Burns family, joined us and we all got a bit sunburned together!

Even this shy little bunny!

It really was a lot of fun and totally free! We did donate a bunch of stuffed eggs, but other than that, we just enjoyed! The boys enjoyed so much they totally crashed when we got home!

That afternoon we took Alex and Kenzie so their parents could celebrate Dawn's birthday! We had fun with the 4 kids. Alex took a while to warm up but Kenzie was all over the pseudo summer activities. Ethan totally dotes on her - so gentle and calm... I wish he'd treat his brother like that - ha!

The big kids and I made cupcakes. Alex really liked baking for her mommy. I was kind of grossed out because they were totally licking the frosting off the knife every time I turned. Lucas even ate half a cupcake and I didn't notice until we were about done. Brian pointed out the topless cupcake and I cracked up.

Lucas and Kenzie pulled out just about every game we have until they discovered Connect Four. Well, Kenzie stopped at that point. She loaded those chips in there for at least 20 minutes straight. The clicking was kind of soothing, I have to admit!

The funniest part of the night was when Lucas was in the bath. I could tell Alex really wanted to go in, so I asked her and she was ready in no time! Then Kenzie jumped in too, but that didn't last. I guess co-ed bathing isn't her thing.

When Dawn and DJ got back, Ethan belted out "Happy Birthday" and Alex brought her mommy the cupcakes. It was sweet. Fun to do!

Then the Easter Bunny had to get to work...... The next morning (after a 6 am scramble to be ready), the boys found a note from Mr. Bunny!

And a path of dinosaur (dyed, rotten) eggs down to the basement where he had turned a once meaningless room into a gym! Basketball....

Hockey, soccer, and Ethan's favorite, "decorations!!! He left decorations!!!"

There was much running, jumping, and trying to shoot baskets...

We found out Ethan's pretty good at hockey! Who would have known?

Then it was time to put on our nice clothes and get ready for church... I'd say the boys did pretty darn well with pictures...

Of course they were bribed...

And there is nothing they won't do for a teeny piece of candy...

Church was awesome - such a moving sermon! And then it was back home for much needed naps... While the boys slept I ran all over town getting what I needed for Ethan's party next weekend. We met up at Nana's to deliver a package from the Easter Bunny for her.

The boys were bouncing off the walls, but it was great to see her! Next stop was Red Robin with the Barrys. Where I took not one picture. But it was fun. Nadia, Ethan, and Lucas even figured out how to jimmy one of the machines in the arcade room to steal a bunch of bouncy balls. Great way to celebrate Easter - ha!

So yeah, Monday was rough after all that fun. We managed through the day, but not without Ethan getting busted at naptime for yelling at his teacher and Lucas getting attacked by another kid for daring to take "his" bike... Today was better, though when I picked Lucas up, outside in the drizzly rain, he wasn't wearing any shoes. He had insisted to his teacher that he had a shoe outside and he'd gone out, ditched the one shoe he had and ran around. I couldn't stop laughing. He was a mess! And our poor friend Alex was confused because I had mistaked today for her birthday and made a big deal out of it (in front of her teachers) this morning. Whoops!

Tonight was one of those nights where I don't really think through my actions before I start.... The boys and I started painting boxes to turn into cars for Ethan's party.

There was paint everywhere. I think Lucas even ate some. I don't even want to look at the bathroom where they cleaned up. It could be ugly.

But the boxes are all now brightly colored and the headlights are painted as well. Next step is to finish the tires. I don't know why I do this to myself, but it's just more fun. And it keeps me from having to clean the toilet or load the dishwasher... at least for now.... I think it really comes down to me feeling like I put so much effort and work into my classroom and I want the boys to know they are that important too. It helps that Ethan gets all hyped up about it and comes up with some great ideas. He's so much like me it freaks me out sometimes - always thinking of that next step to take a project too. Look out world, here we come!

On another note - I want to say how much I appreciate all of you who not only read my blog, but leave comments as well. I read on a blog once that comments are like hugs to a blogger. So true. I write because it's therapeutic to me - helps me focus on my family as school always tries to take over - but it sure is nice to know other people enjoy reading it!

Love you all out in blogland!


Anonymous said...

I do love reading your blog! Did you notice that Bill was one of your pictures at the Eastpalooza?
Love having Lucas in my Sunday School class! He is a smart boy!

Valerie Berg said...

I love your blog and your family stories too. Only one problem, I feel so lazy when I read about how much you do with your boys! You truly are an inspiration to me as a mom! Glad to see you enjoyed your Easter as well.

Brian said...

Do you believe in god and helping others? I hope so....!!!