Tuesday, April 5, 2011


At Dinner... Ethan is completing a maze. "Look MOM!!! I did it!!!!"

"Wow Ethan, great work!"

"Well, I had to break through a few bars but that's okay."

Tonight was supposed to be a relaxing night at home. Only, when I went to pick up the boys, Ethan informed me that he had to dress up as his favorite animal the next day. I asked to be sure as I thought it kind of ludicrous, but sure enough.... And so my evening of peace and calm was drastically altered. Ethan was so excited he could barely sit still in the car and was talking a mile a minute with all his "ideas".

We ran into Walmart where we hunted down shirts and supplies... Lucas decided that he better do it too, so we had one cheetah and one elephant. Perfect.

First we painted shirts. I made Ethan ears out of pipe cleaners and a headband.
Lucas painted his shirt and then we made him ears out of a headband and paper plates and a trunk out of a paper towel roll. Be still my heart.
"I baby efflant mommy!"


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