Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Day and Beyond

I've compiled a few quotes from Spring Break... There were many more, but I can't always remember....

Beth (around 10 at night): We don't have any cookies, but you can have some broccoli."

All Boys: Yes! I want some broccoli.

And they all ate it. Zane was the only one who spit it out. The other three boys chomped and chomped. A delicious (?) midnight snack.

In the car on the way to Idaho... Lucas keeps taking Ethan's things and messing with them.

Ethan: Look at my face Lucas - Do I look happy?

We got home and Brian is changing Lucas' diaper. Lucas: I happy. I see you.

Uma sent the boys down to go check on the worms in the compost bin. Lucas: Worms yucky! No eat worms!

Brian: Do you want a juice bag Lucas? Lucas: Yeah! He goes and gets a ziplock bag out of the drawer. He insists on putting the Capri Sun in the bag. Then, we are in the car and he wants help with his straw. I grab it and take the straw out of the wrapper. "NOOOOO!" He makes me put the straw back in the wrapper. I give it to him. He promptly pulls the straw out and gives me the wrapper. "Straw. Help me." Now I have to put the straw in.... repeat....

The boys' favorite song? "Baby baby baby, uh-oh...." Now Ethan claims he's "Justin Beaver" and that means he has a new girlfriend at daycare.

Sunday morning, our last day of Spring Break, we headed into church. There was a family service after the regular one and Ethan got to play the sticks on stage! He took it very seriously - so stinkin' cute. He was pretty much on beat too. And during one of the songs I did the motions wrong and he totally cued me from the stage. My little director.

Then it was naps and more painting. Turned out we had just bought tint instead of white paint. No wonder why it looked so cruddy. It's looking better now.... But still not quite there... After that was a trip to Silverdale for much shopping. We picked up some clothes, party supplies for Mr. E, went out to dinner, and then made a mad dash through Costco since it was closing.
Such a great break. So hard to get up this morning, but we managed. And now it's April 4th! A very Happy Birthday to my grandpa - Baboo Bill! He's 89 today! We miss you!!!! And what better present than a certain adorable red-headed nephew of mine who shares a first name with you!

Love you Baboo!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone to the FX service and seen Ethan in action.
I did enjoy the trip back from Idaho with you and the boys!

Jessica said...

Raivis loves the "baby, Baby, Baby" song too, :) I am totally jealous because I am assuming you got Idaho Pizza while you were there, I am totally craving it right now :)