Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 6 - Spring Break 2011

We were supposed to meet a friend of mine that morning, but she had to cancel, so we decided to hook up with Jess, Todd, and Liam. They were headed to the zoo as it was half price zoo day. We got there and it was just too packed. They were already in, so by the time we would have found parking, and stood in line, they would have been ready to go. So, we made plans for lunch and headed into the Discovery Center.Lunch was delicious! We went to Big Jud's - yummy burgers and even better tater tots! We ate way too much and just enjoyed time with our Idaho "family". Afterward, they took us to a very cool place - Powell's candy shop. We sat on the street eating gelato and basking in the sunlight. Such a great afternoon.
Another car nap and then it was off to Just Kid'n Around to play with our friends, the Coates. It was so great to see the kids again!
And Summer and I had a great time chatting while they all played!
It is crazy to me how time has flown and our kids have grown up so fast! I guess with my own kids I see it gradually happen, so it's almost shocking when I see other kids at the same age.

We said our goodbyes, picked up some dinner, and headed back for our last night in Kuna.

The boys played superheroes!

And chased a big monster - aka Kurt, Beth's husband. That guy deserves a medal!
The boys stayed up late watching a movie and playing with the light sabers we got them all at the candy shop.
More giggles.... lots more giggles.
What a great trip. Beth - you were an awesome hostess! Thanks for
letting us stay and loving on my boys

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Valerie Berg said...

Ah Katie, so fun to read your journey here! Seems like we just traded places and I recognize/know most all of your friends (or have seen their blogs too). Small world. You made me tired thinking of all of your adventures. I could've just given you our house but then you would've missed out on all those late night girl friend laughs and talks! Good bye spring break!