Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Carnival...

This week, Missy at has instructed all her readers to become "That Mom" and brag on our kids a little bit. She talked about how we so often focus on the negative- freaking out over the messes, disasters, and frustrations, that sometimes we forget to revel in all their cuteness... like this cuteness!
Lucas is 7 months old and has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. He's so giggly and happy and is so good at getting other people to smile. He just makes us all happier with that adorably gigantic head, I mean grin!

Ethan, 2 - almost 3, is so smart. Not necessarily the good grades-every teacher's dream-smart (no way to tell that yet), but the "I'm going to figure it out, even if you won't help me" kind of smart. Like today....
"I want up there. I want up like Lucas. Help me."
"No buddy, Lucas is a baby. He's little. You're too big."
"PLEASE Mommy. I want to. I not too big. I small. Small big boy."

See! He's so smart! And I need to do some more "toddler-proofing". He loves to read and he is totally compassionate. He always tries to make his brother happy and loves to help. And musical! He loves to make up silly songs and give us each instruments to play along.
We're happy :) We're blessed:)
Thanks for asking!

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

They sound wonderful!!! What cuties! Love the hat.

And, my children have humongous heads as well. Blame Dad. Today we went to the dr for Ike's 2 year and he was like 60th in height and weight and 95th in head. Which is why it took him so long to sit up, and watch out. :)
Big heads, big brains, right?