Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Mama

"Mommy, look at the big lion!"
"Yep, that's a big mama lion (not the pictured lion, another one)."
"Oh, Big Mama, like You!"
all 20 people surrounding us laugh hysterically - including myself.....

After church today, we headed out to the park for a picnic and then to the zoo to visit the new Africa exhibit. It was a hit! Ethan loved all the African animals and all the "stuff" like the music hut above.

The giraffe was a big hit. It was such a gorgeous day! Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that our sunscreen may be expired. Poor Ethan has a bit of a sunburn on the back of his neck.

We even learned some Swahili. Very cool.

Lucas liked sitting with the penguin statues, but didn't do much else. He loved people watching, but didn't really get the whole "looking at the animals" thing.

And the grand finale... the slide! The boys slept on the way home and Ethan was a terror this evening. But, it was all worth it- too fun! We decided it was a "NO STRESS" day and we really stuck to it! Here's to optimistically looking forward to a "No Stress" week! Ha. Although we are one ISAT test done and my kids did fabulously! I could not be prouder of them. Now on to math....

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The Johnson Fam said...

such cute pictures from the zoo! the lion story made me giggle :) too cute :)