Saturday, April 11, 2009

busy... busy...

So the last two days have been busy... so busy...

1) Parent's Night Out at church- Brian and I actually went on a date! The boys had a great time at church, although Lucas decided it was perfect time to learn to scream "MAMA!" A milestone, yes... guilt-inflicting, yes... But they had a blast!
2)Ethan had Savannah's birthday party today. 12 -2/3 year olds + giant blowup slide= chaos. But, fun. Ethan was the only boy- he liked that role very much.
3) Big Easter dinner tonight at Todd's Aunt and Uncle's house- a dinner we've gone to for many many years now- a nice tradition! Lots of neat people and a really great Easter Egg Hunt. Ethan got to play baseball with all the big kids and he was just in heaven!

So, too tired to put the pics on- will tomorrow. I am happy to say the Easter Bunny has visited our house and hid eggs in ridiculously obvious places. We'll play in the morning, go to church, and then come back to work in the garden. I am excited!

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