Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's see, when last you heard from us.....
Friday was a good day, though after school I looked into a mirror and realized my eye had big red splotches in it. Luckily, it was my blind eye, so I (and the eye tech at my doc's office) weren't too concerned - couldn't get any more blind, right? So, we went off to Olive Garden for dinner (Lucas loved sitting at the table like a big boy) enjoying our breadsticks while I convinced myself something was in my eye that I couldn't get out.
We went home and got the boys to bed and it wasn't too long later that I realized what the problem was. I HAD THE DREADED PINK EYE!! Of course, all the clinics were closed before I figured it out, so I had to suffer through a horrible night.
Ethan was very sympathetic the next morning - doing all he could to help. Telling me to go to "doctor office" so I could get better before our play date. I did and it was no big deal. I got some big sunglasses to hide my horrendous eye while we're in public, and we were off to Ethan's friend's house.
He and the little girl fought and played and argued and hugged - a great afternoon! Lucas was cheerful the whole visit and I enjoyed chatting with her mom. Best of all, we came home and both boys slept for 2 straight hours! I rested and read, and just stared into silent space- it was great!
Then the McConnels came over for dinner and we all sat around playing and eating. Liam just keeps growing and growing! Today was church this morning and then we were supposed to be getting lots done this afternoon- but it is so cold! The wind just rips through my bones! So, Brian and Ethan ran to Home Depot and Lucas is sleeping while I try to gather up some energy. This week is going to be busy! My little boy turns three!!! It is just throwing me for a loop - how can time pass that quickly?!!

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