Monday, April 6, 2009

Notes from the zoo...

That's our new guy- "Duke" - whom Ethan calls "Luke". Keep in mind the boy can't say "Lucas", he says "Yuckas". Maybe it's not that he can't say the L sound? Maybe he just likes the nickname? Anyway, Duke is fitting in nicely. It seems he's taken charge and is a very good influence on Kenya. She hasn't jumped on one counter since he came! And tehy are both outside playing right now- jumping all over the place, wearing each other out! I did take them for a walk earlier and that was kind of... taxing. We're going to have to work on the whole leash-training thing.

We love being able to play outside! Of course, before we went out, Ethan announced, "Hey guys, I have to checka my email first. Okay guys?" And he did!

We played and played and we were all exhausted by bedtime! Now I have to go read. My kids and I made a deal that we would read 45,000 minutes together (well, seperately, but the minutes added together) by May 8th. I better do my part!

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