Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This morning, Ethan carried his Mickey Mouse around in his blanket, all wrapped up like a baby.

"Shh guys, Mickey sleeping. Mickey tired. I hold Mickey tight"
Mickey slept in Lucas' crib today. That was a compromise. Ethan wanted to take him to daycare. I promised him that Daddy would take good care of Mickey. After school he went right in and found Mickey and took out a bunch of blankets to put him to bed in the middle of the living room- what a goof!
Lucas had his 6 mont appt today- at 7 and a half months, yes. He's completely healthy- just has a huge head. Of course we already knew that- I've had to learn all sorts of new camera angles for it :) He was a champ, weighing in just under 20 lbs.
The standardized testing season has begun. Pressure, pressure. The pressure moves down from the federal government to the state government, the superintendent, the principals, and then down to us lowly teachers. I refuse to pass that pressure to my kids. I wish we had a better way to prove our kids' skills, but it's a game we have to play, I realize.
PS- I love this weather! It makes everything seem easier!


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