Saturday, December 26, 2009

And the last day before Christmas....

Finally Christmas Eve! Ethan had been asking about every five minutes all week if it was time to open presents yet and I could almost tell him it was time... We started the morning in downtown Poulsbo painting pottery and eating yummies from Sluy's bakery. Ethan insisted on a giant eclair, but gave it back after he chewed the chocolate off and said "I don't want to eat anymore of the cheese." The sugar reached his brain just as soon as we got to the coffee shop and boy howdy was he funny. Lucas had also indulged and it was a riot. Lucas chewing on the cement table and Ethan playing cap-a-boo (peek-a-boo in Ethan-speak).
Nana came over for an early steak dinner and we started the annual rides on the John Deere..... Lucas was finally not freaked out and somewhat enjoyed his ride around the backyard. Ethan took over steering - loved going down into the woods and around the tricky parts....

We came in and were entertained by Morgan's Irish Step Dancing. She really is good and it's hard stuff! I tried but just couldn't figure it out... Ethan was a pro at following her around and jumping up and down.
We got to open from Nana and she spoiled us all rotten. The boys really loved their "structions" (construction trucks). I REALLY loved getting some earrings that Grandad had given her years ago -- very special!

Auntie Katie, Morgan, Ethan and I went to church that evening. The kids did pretty well, though Morgan pretty much went to sleep on Katie's lap and Ethan fell through the chairs at one point. It was a nice way to remember why we celebrate Christmas! We came home and out went the cookies for Santa- very exciting! The kids were so excited and kept talking about whether they'd be on the naughty list or the nice list. Each was pretty sure that they were on the nice list and the other on the naughty list.

We looked up where Santa was on the Norad Tracker and because he was so close (if winnepeg can be considered close) had to rush to bed! We adults were up for quite awhile- very busy, but the kids all went to sleep like pros- didn't want Santa to catch them awake and pass them by!

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