Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweets and All....

I think this picture shows it well - we had a lot of fun making a whole lot of sugary yummies yesterday. We al overindulged a bit... Ethan took this picture and it made me laugh because that's how I felt too! There were far more kitchen disasters than successes, but we got a few things we can share - if Brian doesn't eat them all first working on his project until all hours of the night! We're proud of him - working very hard. I'm trying to keep up the housework/kidwork to help, but this afternoon I kind of gave up and read a book for awhile. This is why I can't read books! I get sucked in and CANNOT put them down.
This morning we got up and got dressed for church. Lucas was in a fabulous mood - the first full night of sleep in awhile. We gave in and gave him back his pacifier. We'd taken it away and he had a couple of great nights, but it had been going downhill since then and I figured we'd better try that before taking him to the doc. Sure enough- he's back to sleeping like a pro and so am I! We headed off to church and got ready for Ethan's performance - just one song, but he was a charmer. We really didn't get pictures/video toward the end where he really got into it... and I should have taken a closer shot - he looked so handsome, but oh well. This Thursday is his big program at daycare- so there will be many pictures for that!
It was fun to see him as part of the group - the kids sing every year around Christmas and this was the first time he was old enough. I got a bit teary eyed, but then made myself buck up and be a big girl!

We also got haircuts today, as Ethan was looking more and more like our dog, Duke - shaggy haired! Lucas needed one too- though it's a crime to pay when he still really doesn't have much hair. But, it was over his ears and frizzy in the back, so it needed a trim. Ethan was so good and even sang the entire Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for the staff at Great Clips. He knew every single word - and was very proud of himself.

This week is busy busy busy. Not only is Brian finishing his art "test" (due Friday at 11:00 am), but we have Skate Night on Tuesday, the program Thursday, I CANNOT miss my workouts (due to the inevitable cookie munching at school) and other various getting ready for Christmas things... At least I'm feeling better. It seems Mucinex is my friend and I'm going to make it.

So are my papers graded? Nope. But, the house is clean (kind of), the presents are all bought (except for a few minor things I'll pick up in WA), the Christmas cards are 90% addressed and ready to go out, and I finished the book I was reading, so life can once again go on. Merry Christmas-getting-ready week one and all!


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really cute! so what book were you reading that you were so engrossed in?
sorry we missed seeing you when we were in ID last week. See you in late Jan. when we come for Liam's first birthday.

Katie said...

we can't wait!! getting very excited! i'm going to look like 1,000 lbs next to look great! way to go!