Thursday, December 10, 2009


I know, I know... I left you hanging! I was hoping we'd hear on Brian's job, but haven't yet. He flew out all day on Tuesday and thought it went reall really well. They kept him there for over three hours, showed him all around and talked about how awesome his website was. He felt really good, but they said they still had a couple of candidates they needed to talk to and that he'd hear by the end of the week. So... we wait... and wait...
In the meantime, it snowed! Above is the picture of the snowball Ethan packed into his pocket to bring inside and watch melt. Then we went to Auntie Jess' "program" - the Living Christmas Tree - at her church. It was freezing, but the program was very cool. We only made it half the night, as Lucas was extremely smelly and Ethan was super wiggly, but still - it was great!
Tonight we had the McConnels over. Liam has grown so much! He's crawling and talking up a storm. He and Lucas carried on quite the conversation about post-its.
Then we decorated Gingerbread Men - which didn't go overly well. Lucas threw a gigantic fit over the sprinkles and Liam covered himself in frosting. Ethan just tried to sneak extra cookies. We still had fun though - I just loved watching Lucas and Liam high-five and chat with each other. Good friends :)

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