Friday, December 4, 2009

Must be Santa!

Our friend Beth knows Santa really well, so she invited us over to her house to see him and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. Ethan told him "dinosaurs and cars". Lucas just screamed at first, but by the end was trading toys with him - but this picture is priceless.The boys tore up Raleigh's room - it was a toy wonderland. Ethan spent most of the time in his closet pulling out and discussing each car in there.
We decided to take a family shot with Sants too. As you can see, the boys were not overly cooperative, but Brian and I look good :) We ate lots of cookies and played with kids and more kids!I love this season! Ethan brought home a tree and a snowman he made in class this week - the house is slowly (quickly) filling with all sorts of handmade creations!

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