Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Early Christmas!

Brian got to celebrate Christmas early tonight. He's got an exciting interview in Seattle (being flown out by the company after his phone interview last Thursday) with a video game development company. I figured he better have something better than his Jansport backpack to bring with him on the plane. Regardless of whether he gets the job or not, he has worked so hard and deserved a little spoiling. So, then we took off for Olive Garden.
The boys quickly reminded us of why we never go to nice resteraunts anymore. L-O-U-D they were.... So McD's, don't worry - we'll be back next time!
And, we've decided that these pics show how old we look these days - sad! I kinda like Brian's crows feet though... A fun day - with our sweet boys.

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Anonymous said...

So did he get the job?