Friday, December 18, 2009

What a Program and HE GOT THE JOB!!!

So, this says B is for Baked Goods, but here in our house, B is for our amazingly awesome Brian who just landed his dream job. He will be a User Interface blah blah blah for an independent video game company in Seattle. Oh he is so excited.... And we are too, but we're all a little freaked out at all the changes about to happen. He'll be flying back and forth, and we'll be flying there every so often too... He'll bunk with my parents (good thing, they can keep an eye on him!)... and ferry back and forth.... He'll miss us terribly, but we'll skype and call and have great weekends together, which we don't really have now. It's his DREAM job and so we are THRILLED.... He even got a massive case of the hives this week working on his project...
In other news, Ethan had a most fabulous program last night. He said his line with ease, and sang oh so loud. One set of grandparents there asked me which one was mine. When I told them they said, "OH, he's intense!" Yep, that's my boy! He did announce to the whole audience near the end that he "Has to go potty Miss Karina, NOW!" We all got a kick out of that... well, I did hide for a minute.... He just was so funny - definitely loving the stage, not like anyone I know!

Tonight we were just waiting waiting waiting for Brian to get the call... Ethan and I played school - he was the teacher and bossed me around, while Lucas pretended to be my daddy, saying bye and giving me a kiss. Only he would freak out when I said Daddy and go to the door expecting Brian to be there.... Now, I pack and pack and pack... Not only for our trip, but to move as much stuff of Brian's there as I can manage....

Oh, life is going to get really interesting! Yeah Brian! WE are SOOOO proud of you!

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