Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

The boys woke up super early - 4:30 to be exact. We had to wait until 6 to wake up Morgan - but we were chomping at the bit! All the kiddos waited downstairs - no peeking allowed! Morgan and Ethan studied the plate of cookies carefully - noticing which ones Santa liked and which reindeer they thought ate which carrots. Rudolph most definitely chomped down!They came upstairs oh so slowly and were thrown a bit by the stockings being on the ground - they kept looking up/down/up/down to try and figure it out. Santa left Ethan lots and lots of dino stuff- and his favorite- a dinosaur Diego game.
Lucas got lots of pretend play stuff - cardboard bricks, shopping cart with food, cash register, stuff like that.
Morgan got lots of school themed things- a whiteboard, map, books, etc. Maddie made out with all sorts of cuddlyand cute things. All 4 kids were thrilled with their lot and made out like bandits!
My favorite moment, though, was when Brian FINALLY realized what was under our stocking - a Playstation 3. Santa knew that I had promised when he got a job he could get one - it was a fun suprise - he was shocked!
I got all sorts of goodies- what a great day! We were all spoiled rotten by each other and by Baboo in absentia. We had to take a bit of a rest after awhile - kids were getting awfully cranky, but it was nice to have just the adults open for awhile and then just the kids for awhile. It's hard to wait through 10 turns!
We spent the afternoon playing with all our new toys and just relaxing. We ate a most fabulous turkey dinner (my mother's stuffing is to die for), and played some more. It could not have gone much better. Oh there were tantrums, a bit of whining, and a few tears - but with 4 kids under the age of 5 - I suppose that's to be expected. It was such a great day.

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