Friday, December 25, 2009

On the first few days of Christmas (week)....

Oh the fun! Oh the noise! Oh the week I will never forget! Ethan and Morgan loved spending time playing with each other. They had their moments where they were ready to throttle each other, but they had a blast. There was a lot of singing and piano playing for sure. Lucas just so much wanted to be a part of the fun and join in with the big kids...
Downstairs was well-used. It becomes Brian's new home here pretty quick, but in the meantime it was well used as a playground. Morgan and Ethan were digging things up, playing in the tent with Lucas shrieking behind them.

Maddie was the perfect child. She was so very sweet- just purring and giving lots of kisses. I just love her snuggly self!

We got to spend some time with Nana - always a hit. These kids adore their Nana (and so do I!)
We spent some time breakfast-ing at McD's - love all the pjs! This reminds me of a few pictures of our Dayton/Chicago cousins with Baboo!

Despite Ethan announcing that he "needed some space" from time to time- those two big kids were inseperable! They were so happy to see each other - I love it!

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