Sunday, December 20, 2009

We're here!

We made it- Lucas was insanely obnoxious on the plane, squirming and shrieking... until the last 5 minutes when he went dead asleep. Luckily there weren't many people on the plane, so there weren't too many dirty looks. And Ethan wished everyone a "Merry Christmas" on the way off the plane. Upa met us and Lucas wouldn't let him go.
They were so thrilled to see their cousins. Morgan and Ethan have spent every possiblesecond together - fast friends up to no good! Jumping on the bed (NO!), making parties, playing in the jungle tent, and mostly just giggling really loudly. Lucas tried to follow them everywhere, but mostly just wandered around. He did rip open one of the packages, but luckily it wasn't his. (Don't tell Maddie!) We got to see Nana - so great to spend time with her! Little Maddie and I had a great time this afternoon, sharing nose kisses and chatting about life. She is so sweet.
We're missing Brian, but will see him soon!
Ethan was asking all day if he could open presents. We kept saying no, not for 5 days... So then he conned his Uncle and Auntie into letting them all open a present and told me mom "That was my plan, to open a present tonight." That's my boy!

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