Friday, February 26, 2010


"Mom, I don't feel good..."
"Oh yeah? What's wrong?"
"I gotta honker in my mouth."
"What's a honker?"
"You know, when you honk honk!"
At Costco, when kids hand them the receipt, draw a smiley face on the back - very sweet... Ethan gave them the receipt, they handed it back.
"Oh man, another smiley flace! Everyday a smiley. All I want is a dinosaur. No one gives me a dinosaur."
At Target, in the checkout line.
"Lucas opened this box mom."
"How did Lucas open that box? You're holding the box in the back of the cart. Lucas is in the front."
"You're right. I did it."
At home...
"Lucas broke this mom."
He shows me the exercise bike, which is now missing it's seat adjusting knob.
"How did Lucas break that? He can't unscrew it."
"Oh. I guess I did it."
"Well, where is it?"
"It's in the trash."
I commence to empty out the trash bag - at which I am now a pro. I find no knob, but I do find a sippy cup and a thermometer.
"It's not here Ethan, where is it?"
"I don't know, that was yesterday."
I think my hair is graying.


Jessica said...

HAHAHA!! Life is NEVER boring at your house! It sounds like you all better keep a better eye on Lucas though :) And gee... nobody gives me a dinosaur either!

McConnels said...

ahhh that's good stuff right there.

Katie said...

Kevin and I are laughing out loud over here! Kev just said, "Ethan is so funny." Morgan wants to know why is Ethan funny. "He's not funny...he's just my cousin!" Well, his aunt and uncle think Ethan's just awesome! :)