Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yep, he's sick. Sick sick sick. He's got strep. I figured it out this morning when he told me his tongue and teeth hurt. Then when I called the doctor and explained that he'd been complaining of his tummy and head they said those were the tell-tale signs of strep in his age group. Oh. So I probably shouldn't have ignored those symptoms.
We watched lots of movies today and did a ton of school work. All was well as we set off for the doctor and then..... some nice man pointed out that we had a flat. So.... off to the loaner place where we have the car from. They looked and couldn't find any reason it was flat and sent us off to the tire place (dr. appt rescheduled). We finally got home an hour later, ate lunch, and naptime for Ethan. Then it was off to the doc for real. Ethan was a trooper for the throat swab- hated it but let her do it both times. He weighs 36 lbs and his tubes still look great (hallelujah!). His temp was back up, but onto antibiotics he went and he should be pretty good by morning. He is kind of upset that the medicine doesn't have an instant effect, "I'm still hurting mom." For the full effect, repeat that every 4 or so minutes for the next hour....
Lucas is fine - wild as ever and giggly as can be tonight. He was cracking up at me at dinner because every time I blew on my peas one or two would fly off the spoon. He'd laugh and fling his head back into the chair, making him laugh harder.

So tomorrow should be a little more normal. I hope. I can only take so much Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder. Seriously.

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