Thursday, February 25, 2010

i hope i make sense...

Allergy meds and I just don't get along, but I can't really breathe without them, so I'm dealing with it... I'm really ready for the weekend! Daddy will be here oh so soon and I think I'll go to sleep for the whole weekend.
The boys are very into "cooking". I just crack up at how they follow each other around. It's not always Lucas following Ethan, in fact, often the other way. This was great fun until they got quiet. Should've known... The soap - foaming kind... all over Lucas' hands/face/head. That was fun. Well, fun is not the word.Then tonight... I should just eat after they go to bed, but like many nights, I finally got around to my dinner and I had two little birdies begging "please!" between every single one of my bites.
So I share - because look at that grin... Even though I DON'T want to share.
They also took their first shower together tonight. I don't know how we got on the subject, but we were discussing being a big boy and talking about how one of his friends takes showers by himself and how when you're in there by yourself, you don't get water in your eyes as much as when you're with someone. So he was determined to try. He seemed to love it. Then Lucas went in. He loved it too - though stayed out of the stream of water (I just used the bucket like a bath). They loved it sooo much, in fact, that the temper tantrums when I pulled them out might have set records. It was bad.
Going to try to use what brain cells I have left to go catch up on schoolwork (a useless fight, but I can try), and balance the checkbook.
1 more sleep. 1 more sleep. 1 more sleep.

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Jessica said...

I love how the dog is ready for action, your boys are so cute! I don't know how you are doing it without Brian, you are amazing! Have a great restful weekend.