Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Suprises

Friday - fairly uneventful except look at how cute this boy was! Actually, the highlight was running into a friend at Costco - thanks for stopping Val! It's the little things that make me still feel human!
Oh wait, I guess it was kind of eventful - I tearfully told my boss I wouldn't be returning next year (that makes it sound nice, I was actually blubbering/sobbing). He was really nice about it and it just made it that much harder to think about! Corey really is an amazing leader. So enough of that or I'll start crying again. I am 100% sure this is what we're supposed to do - just have to adjust to leaving my Snake River family is all - so many great friends and kids... See, there I go....
Speaking of such wonderful people I work with, my friend Candie volunteered to babysit Saturday morning so I could go to a class I needed. Not only did my boys absolutely adore her, but when I got home - the whole place was clean! I started crying (sheesh I'm emotional these days). All I was thinking about that morning was that I was so tired, but had so much cleaning to do. So Candie - thank you thank you thank you. I think you are the reason I didn't lose my mind this weekend!
The rest of the day with the boys was great- we went to JCPenney with a $10 coupon I got in the mail and the boys got summer outfits. Ethan picked his out all himself and changed into them right after he woke up this morning. I'd say 40 degrees is a little too cold for shorts, but what do I know?
Another project for the weekend? Edible playdough (thanks heather). Ethan did really well with it.
Lucas just kept trying to eat it... but what's new.
And I.... well, let's just say I was identifying more with Lucas this morning. That stuff is good!
Filling in the gaps of the rest of the weekend was sorting through toys and closets - packing up any stuff we definitely won't use in the next 3.5 months and tossing anything that is broken or missing parts. As i gave word at school, it's time to officially get organized. I realize it's still early, but the more I do now, the more in control I feel. I like to feel in control - ever notice? And, I also have a classroom to pack up as well as several repairs here around this house. So, I give away, throw away, donate, pack... anything I can. Don't worry, the kids are safe! Well....

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VDoty said...

Oh Katie,
I will miss you so! You have been a wonderful inspiration to me and a wonderful advocate as well. Watching you work with you kids has taught me worlds of wonderful skills. I was secretly hoping that you might be my mentor. I know that was a 1/10,000 chance but I hoped.