Saturday, February 27, 2010


"Daddy, you going to be here a long time?"
"No, I have to go to the airport tomorrow because I have to work on Monday."
"In lots of sleeps, you're going to drive to Seattle and see me and stay for a long time."
"Um, I can't stay for a long time because I have work at home. I have to shower, play games, go to daycare. I have a lot of work at home to do..."
Thanks to our friends Steve and Linda who loaned us their truck, we got to take a whole bunch of stuff to the dump today. 2 loads in all, lots of broken or damaged stuff. Ethan got to go on the 2nd trip and loved it. So much to see!
Lucas enjoyed cleaning the driveway when they got back, as well as climbing in the back of the truck with his big brother.
Other than that huge job, I baked granola bars and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, we played and played, and ate a free pizza from Domino's (came with a game we bought a while back) that was delicious. While the big boys were gone, Lucas and I had a giggle fest here at the house. I think he just soaked up that alone time with me. It's a rarity these days...
After dinner we packed up my Christmas Village. I've been collecting since I was about 7 years old - so fun to look back over it all. It's been up on the plant shelves for the last couple of years - so there was a bit of dust, but luckily Lucas and the Swiffer prevailed.

So now I am waiting for Brian to get back with a movie, popping some popcorn, and enjoying being with him, even if just for one more night!

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